Find out how to get to the secret cave of the Vikendi map on PUBG and PUBG Mobile using our guide! Although the place is no longer so secret, the high probability of loot continues to attract players. Easily, you can find level 3 , M24 and Groza vest and helmet !

Also, if you enjoy wild combat, it’s a good place to try to reach early in the match. High risk, high reward!

MAP Location

Slightly northeast of Podvosto or west of Peshkova, soon crossing the river jump into Mount Kreznic. It is a hill slightly higher than the zone in question. The cave has two entrances, one directed to Podvosto and another more lateral

How to enter the cave?

  • To get into the cave, you have to break the entrance walls with a vehicle, preferably a car or a jeep. Accelerate well and beat hard. The car is not yours, so do not be afraid to spoil it.
  • Can you use grenades or shots to break the wall? Well, in theory, yes, but why waste grenades or bullets? In addition, the area may have other players hanging around, you should not play Detona Ralph for long.
  • Enter the cave and try to be quick to catch loot. There are some obstacles inside that you can use to protect yourself.
  • The most advantageous entrance is that of Podvosto, since it is more difficult to be ambushed.
  • Open your ears well (or adjust your headphones). If other players try to enter through the second inning, you will hear for sure. Prepare the welcome for them.
  • Likewise, if you have any enemies in the cave already, you are probably well armed, unless you are incompetent. Try to surprise him with maximum speed and aggression.
  • If playing in Duo or Squad, ideally a buddy (or two) of the team will cover the entrance while the others take loot. Of course, this will only happen with a team that plays together often.
  • Like any other popular area, the cave is a dangerous area. Think about whether it’s worth risking, depending on the flight route. Is the cave far away? Remember that you need to get a vehicle first and you should go armed and protected. Think of all these details before you throw yourself into the wolf’s mouth.

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