Welcome to the Jungle! The new Sanhok map has arrived and you need to know where the best loot is. Know the map with detail and gain the advantage to win the matches.

Inspired by the wild islands of Southwest Asia, Sanhok is much smaller than Erangel or Miramar, with only 4×4 km. The environment is wild, with a river that crosses the map and many possibilities to ambush and be ambushed.

Sanhok was created on purpose to speed up matches thanks to its reduced size, higher loot and faster radiation circles. Get ready for intense, dynamic and frequent combat!

Discover in this guide the most advantageous places to loot in the dark jungles of Sanhok.

Sanhok Key Locations

Sanhok Key Locations

Docks (Sea Port)

A seaport, in the southwest corner of the island, with a high probability of a good loot. Focus on the two cargo ships initially and then try to visit the warehouses. The most dangerous area of this place is the containers between the warehouses and the ships: many places hidden with many dead angles.

Ha Tinh

A friendly village, taking away opponents who want to eliminate you. The houses of this village are clearly inspired by the villages of Vietnam and have some loot, especially the larger ones. Do not forget to check the larger houses first. The village is well situated, near a road and the river, allowing quick access by motorboat or land vehicles.


A village with many two-story houses, tight streets and many loot-filled locations. It has a road that serves access on the east and west side, where it is relatively easy to find vehicles such as bikes and jeeps. Watch out for windows while inside the villa. It is still too early to take a final position, but Sahmme will probably be a field of intense fighting like the Erangel Map School.

Bootcamp (Military Field)

There are several military zones dotted around Sanhok, but this is the largest of them. You are likely to be able to pick up different level weapons, as well as level 3 vests and helmets. Focus your efforts on the central building. Unfortunately, many players will get the same idea, so proceed with caution. This field is in a central zone of the map, with the river to the west. If you prefer a more stealthy entrance, land in the wooded area on the south side.

Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Field

Old military bases, in different points of the map, but of very similar construction, these fields have loot of some quality. There are different levels you need to keep an eye on, especially the roofs and lookout towers. All have good access and relatively close vehicles.

Paradise Resort (Holiday Resort)

An old holiday resort with temples with different levels, large squares and many places to ambush. Do not forget the building to the north, slightly isolated from the central group. This place calls for fewer players and is therefore safer. You are also very likely to have a vehicle nearby.

Ruins (Ruins)

A temple abandoned hundreds of years ago and well worth a visit. Go for the sightseeing, stay by the armament. The temple is situated in the middle of a lake, so you need to use the road there or land right on top of it. Watch out for narrow aisles and stairways, as they may have unpleasant surprises.

Cave (Cave)

A huge natural cave, with some buildings inside, this place might be a good place to start the game. It is not properly rich in quality loot, but the place is good for ambushing enemies. Try to land on the towers inside the cave to gain an advantage. The only flaw of this place is the exit, especially in the final circles. If an enemy catches you at the entrance to the cave, even at the top, it is very difficult to knock it down.

In addition to these areas, do not forget to take into account the following:

  • Sanhok has more loot, especially automatic rifles and assorted extras
  • There is a greater chance of spawning of bikes and cars less
  • Bombardment is less frequent
  • Circles close much faster
  • Climate: it can rain, there is fog and other climatic occurrences. Take your waterproof jacket

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