You can change your name in PUBG, both in the mobile version and in the PC version. Changing your name can be useful for several reasons like protecting your account or simply because you are tired of your first choice. When choosing a nickname, it is important to have a cool and original name that is easy to remember by followers, especially if you plan to stream your matches.

How to rename in PUBG Mobile

If you’ve connected PUBG Mobile to your Facebook account, your real name can be used as your nick, but this should be avoided … No one needs to know you’re the best sniper, is not it? Fortunately, it’s possible to change your name in the game quite simply. Go to the Shop menu in the main menu of the game.

In the Shop menu choose the ” Random ” tab . Then just buy the Renaming Card .

Although the renaming cards can be purchased with real money, you can get some for free by uploading your patent and completing missions. Basically, if you do not want to spend money to change your name, you will have to play a lot. It’s not that difficult to get the card, especially if you play in different ways, socialize with friends of the game or even create your own guild.

How to rename in PUBG PC

To change the name in PUBG PC, you must essentially follow the same steps as in the mobile version. Go to the Store and then enter the ” Other ” tab .

Then buy the Nickname Change card .

There is no other way to change your name in PUBG in the PC version. This option was released for free when the Sanhok map was released, however, at the moment there are no other alternatives.


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