BGMI Config file with the latest modified values is here. You can use it on any account but I personally don’t recommend, remember I am not responsible for an account ban or any issue caused by your actions.

BGMI config is here and it’s working and tested in the latest version, you can take advantage of this BGMI config file. Play TDM for testing this file if it works well then use it on your main account/official account.

BGMI Config features are auto headshot, magic bullet with no recoil. Use this config file and tell us what to do. We will make changes to the data for more damage and bullet spread.

Only use the BGMI config file on your guest account otherwise you will get banned for 10 years. PUBG or BGMI nowadays pushes updates on a daily basis. So if they patched the values then your account will get banned immediately.

What is BGMI Config File?

BGMI Config file is a modified game data pak file. That changes the game memory values and allows you to cheat games without any external injector or apk. BGMI Config file is the best for beginners who don’t know too much about cheating games.

BGMI Config file works well with a few android devices. In some cases, you will find that the BGMI config file is not working. This is because the BGMI config file is not properly set in your android device. The config files that we are sharing in this post for BGMI only work on Android devices.

So far so good, now I will tell you the features of this config file and what it can do other than a hack. BGMI config is free to use and almost 11-12% of gamers right now use the config files to reduce lag and to use the hack. I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of this hack. It will work or not on your android device.

BGMI Config Magicbullet

You all know the functionality of the magic bullet in BGMI. In the config file of BGMI, you will get a magic bullet feature that will help you to damage more. This feature is awesome and you can use it on your account. There are some demerits also of using magic bullet config file in BGMI. As I said, you will get banned if you play BGMI Mobile for more than 2 hours a day only by using this cheat.

Magicbullet hack allows you to target all the bullets to the enemies. You don’t have to worry about any bullet miss. All the bullets fired from your gun will direct to the enemies. This hack can ban your account. So if you are going to use this then please test it on another account.

BGMI Lag Fix Config File

Lag sucks! sometimes lag is caused by the ping. You can’t fix ping because it is not on your hand. But you can fix the lag of your mobile device by using a config file. This config file works will remove the extra graphics and will make your gameplay smooth.

You can use the BGMI Lag Config file to reduce game lag and jitter in-game. I used the Config file on the older version of this game. Your graphics will improve but it will not improve your long-range. If you can kill enemies on long-range, after using the Config file you will not be able to kill them. This happens because the GPU only renders the objects that are closer to you.

BGMI Aimbot Config

BGMI Aimbot will improve your aim really. Well, this totally depends upon the aimbot values. If you are using a config file that is highly configured or based on aimbot then it will be risky. BGMI aimbot hack is risky that’s why you will see that nowadays hackers and other game hack developers personally don’t recommend it.

We do not add aimbot in the config file. Because it is useless for you and your account will get banned. If you want to use aimbot then download the hack from YouTube. BGMI Aimbot config is not available right now on our website. This aimbot config file works with the 1.6.0 version of the BGMI and PUBG Mobile India.

BGMI Headshot Config

Yes, this feature is available in the BGMI config file and everyone can use it. Config files are not fully antiban and there is a chance of ban. I can’t guarantee that this BGMI config file for the headshot will not ban your account. Headshot configs are right now not available. But still, I manage to find the best config file for BGMI that includes the most popular features of free.

Headshot hack is working in the latest version 1.6.0. I didn’t notice any issue with the BGMI config file related to banning. If a headshot won’t work then don’t worry, sometimes you have to miss the head in order to prevent your account from getting banned by the game.

How To Use BGMI Config File

To use BGMI config file in your BGMI game you have to follow our instructions.

  1. First, download the bgmi config file from the below download button.
  2. Now you will need an app named Zarchiver. You can download it from Google Play Store.
  3. Now open the Zarchiver and navigate to the download folder.
  4. Find the downloaded zip file.
  5. Hold the zip file for a few seconds and a popup will appear, now choose the extract here option.
  6. It will ask for a password, I have mentioned the password below or you can type
  7. Now copy the file and move it into the android/data/com.pubg.imobile/ and you have all done.

NOTE: Please close the game from the background, otherwise changing files will result in a game crash or can cause a missing file issue.

BGMI Config File Features

  • Magicbullet
  • Headshot (Not work properly)
  • Aimbot (Less)
  • Speed Hack
  • White Body
  • Ipad View
  • Less Recoil
  • More

Download BGMI Config File

Download BGMI Config File



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